Our name InnerZone was inspired by the world of sport. Being ‘in the zone’ describes when an athlete feels in complete harmony with what they are doing. They seem to come to life in those moments. There is intense enjoyment as well as optimal performance and the potential of the individual – as well as their team – is realised.

Research in the field of positive psychology supports the assertion that these experiences can provide the key to understanding personal potential. What the world of sport has known for decades we now bring to schools, individuals and businesses.

Richard Burton-min

As founder of InnerZone, Richard’s purpose is to ignite the potential in people so that they live with purpose, on purpose. He helps people to see their true potential, particularly when they find themselves in a challenging situation. This could be finding future direction, dealing with redundancy, loss of confidence/form or simply feeling that they lack purpose and meaning in their life. Richard uses insights gained from sport (as a cricketer and coach), from business (as a former Managing Director) and his own personal career ``turn-around`` to make a difference for people when they need it most.

Richard Burton

James Brennan, Career Management Professional, Innerzone

James’ purpose is to to help individuals take the necessary steps to discover a career which brings fulfilment and meaning. He is a broadly experienced career management professional who is passionate about facilitating change in both individuals and business. Possessing a wealth of experience, James’ career has encompassed education, sales, marketing, recruitment and career management. He is passionate about helping shape people’s careers and is adept at working with those seeking career direction and the organisations looking to employ them.

James Brennan