Traditional coaching is both time and cost intensive. Many individuals and organisations delay or avoid coaching due to these constraints, resulting in disengagement and a lack of career satisfaction. Furthermore, conventional “weakness fixing” coaching methodology operates on a drip-feed principal, with discernible outcomes not always readily identifiable for a considerable period of time – if ever.


By combining our extensive experience in business and sport with the latest research and techniques from the field of positive psychology, we have created innovative workshops that are designed to bring about accelerated results and enhance engagement, productivity and achievements.


We believe that everyone has a gift which, when discovered, ignites their potential and acts like a compass, helping to navigate life with purpose and confidence. This has resulted in the development of our Strengths based coaching model, focusing on what is already good and strong about a person in order to elevate satisfaction and performance to new levels.


Our unique SIM™ method is all about uncovering an individual’s personal Strengths, leveraging their Interests and identifying their sources of Motivation to help them find career direction and understand drivers for optimised performance and job enjoyment.


We work from the Inside-Out, using drivers of behaviour and intrinsic qualities participants already possess to unlock your purpose and uncover your gift.


At InnerZone, we’re all about helping people find their flow and get into the Zone!

Innerzone Inside Out Diagram