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Innerzone has devised a Student Career Design Programme
Ideal for students wanting to navigate their career

Our Career Design programs enable students to identify and actively pursue careers that are truly authentic to their own unique talents, values, strengths, interests and motivation.

Career Redesign is a speciality of Innerzone
Ideal for professionals looking for change

Through our coaching, we bring awareness to strengths an individual possesses and align those gifts with personal interests and motivation to identify career pathways that deliver accelerated results and satisfaction.

Ideal for people wanting to achieve more at work

We provide coaching that teaches people on how to lead authentically through appreciation of strengths in oneself and in others. We help people to pinpoint core values and beliefs and how best to utilise them for greater success.

Innerzone specialises in Corporate Culture
Ideal for teams seeking a positive shift in momentum

The unique approach adopted by our workshops helps set a direction towards which teams can TILT™ for a time and cost-efficient means of shaping culture for enhanced cohesion and maximised performance.


At Innerzone, we believe that quality coaching can have a lasting positive impact throughout every domain in life. Elite athletes have always known the positive impact that personal coaching brings. Now, business executives, those in career transition and individuals who want greater success and fulfillment are also choosing to work with coaches they know and trust, who can identify unused talent and help to harness it in order to achieve dreams and goals.


We take an Inside-Out, strengths based approach to coaching, helping you to see your abilities – and your future – in a new light.