When Sunday nights bring the blues ahead of the work week, it is an indication that something is wrong. Being in a career that is not the right fit brings with it a host of issues including increased absenteeism, disengagement and even active disengagement (where an individual purposely sets out to harm their employer).


Furthermore, career dissatisfaction can spread like a virus throughout the rest of life, with stress, depression and anxiety accompanying an unfulfilling job.


Regardless of the stage a person is at in their career, when they are at career crossroads there are distinct benefits to taking the time to explore and acknowledge the unique gifts they possess. Designing or re-designing a future that utilises those gifts to their full extent, with purpose guiding the way, is a profound step towards career satisfaction and a greater sense of fulfillment.


Our Career Re-Design coaching is structured to deliver new levels of clarity and confidence as participants create a career strategy that is authentic to their strengths, interests and motivational drivers.


Career Transition coaching offers participants:


  • A new appreciation of the innate strengths the individual possesses and an understanding of how to leverage those gifts for success and job satisfaction
  • The clarity and confidence required to make decisions and start on the pathway to a future that is authentic to the individual
  • The opportunity to take a step back, create a career strategy, and get a sense of what is required in order to make it a reality