A poor workplace culture has far reaching implications both for the organisation and the people who work there. When there is something wrong with culture employees report drops in client satisfaction, morale, confidence, staff retention and also derails professional and sometimes personal development. A negative culture also brings about increases in absenteeism, presenteeism, disengagement and worse still active disengagement, where an employee goes out of their way to hurt a business. For businesses, this means less productivity and a hit to their bottom line.


We believe the wealth of an organisation lies in its culture and it is the one true differentiator that can set it apart from the competition. Culture starts with the individual and how they think, act and interact with others on a daily basis. The flow on impact can either make or break an organisation.


Changing a culture can take years of sustained effort, but it all starts with a ‘tilt’ – a deviation or shift in direction towards a positive intent. This is the basis of InnerZone’s TILT™ methodology. The concept of TILT is about uncovering what is already strong in your culture and aligning that toward the targeted vision or intent for your business. A culture TILT™ can be achieved quickly and the subsequent increases in energy and motivation have a profound impact on the workplace environment and productivity.


Our Culture TILT™ workshops are designed to help teams and businesses:


  • Dig deeper into issues via anonymous surveys and group discussion to provide organisations with enhanced clarity
  • Hunt down pockets of strength across the organisation, taking what is good and strong and leveraging it for success
  • Give team members a new appreciation for each other by uncovering their strengths and discovering how best to work together for optimal results and a more enjoyable workplace environment
  • Tap into ideas from staff that can generate innovative solutions and take business performance to new heights