Most people don’t know how to design and navigate their future career because they were never taught how.


The way in which previous generations selected their educational options, and in turn their careers, is no longer relevant or effective, with many people pursuing pathways that aren’t a right fit for them. Added to this, the world of work is changing at such a rapid rate that it requires a complete re-think in how people of all ages approach their future.


As experts in career and life coaching, we decided to do something about it and create programs that teach students how to thrive in this new world.


Our approach with students is not just theory. It is grounded in our real-world experience of helping thousands of people to excel in their careers and lives. Each student participates in an ‘inside-out’ journey of self-discovery to identify their greatest Strengths, Interests & Motivation – what we call their Personal SIM™.


We believe that self-directed learning is only effective if the student is clear on who they are first. This enables them to identify and actively pursue educational and career options that are truly authentic to who they are and who they were born to be.


Our programs for high school students include:


YEARS 7 & 8:


Pathways Program:


  • Embedded within a school’s curriculum, it is effectively a class where the students are the subject.
  • We teach them how to identify their individual purpose and how to articulate it, highlighting the key role this plays in shaping their future and illustrating the positive impact they can have on the world around them.


YEARS 9 & 10:


Mapping Your Future™


  • Presented in a workshop format, this program helps students identify a career strategy and pinpoint educational and developmental pathways that will assist in achieving their aspirations.
  • We help students select subjects with our Inside-Out principle, exploring the individual’s drivers of behaviour and intrinsic qualities so their choices are authentic to them and a good fit for who they really are.


YEARS 11 & 12:


Design Your Career™


  • This workshop provides students with an understanding of how to execute a career strategy with confidence by playing to their own unique constellation of Strengths, Interests and Motivation.
  • We use our Inside-Out approach to show students how to plan and navigate the career that brings out the best in them and aligns with their direction and sense of purpose.